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We believe that the key for product’s meaningful and manufacturing succeed products is based on technical and scientific research. Flekssit developed Inoks Collection with this belief . Elegant, well-balanced mixture of fine and elegant lines, subtle use of materials show inoks’ passion of design . It shows user’s lifestyle, emotions and reflect with Harmonious and rounded lines, as well as ergonomic and functional structure's. It optimized quality its’ user with used in the structure of membranes, crystals, and high gloss coating materials, compliance with the design character as well as long-term life. chrome-plated aluminum materials brings performance and high end quality to model’s original structure. This materials solidified by anti-corrosion, anodic oxidation process. The Inoks which is designed by Flekssit designer team earned to the user dynamism , progressive distinction and concession and at the same time adds a charming atmosphere to the environment.