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TITANO enhances the Alea range with a high-end executive solution with a distinctive thick worksurface in a rangeof exclusive new wood finishes; Makassar and Silver Ebony. In addition to an extensive table range a complimentarystorage programme with an option of Noisette and Ardesia melamine. The bookcases can be open fronted or fittedwith timber or glass doors.

This system includes a freestanding desk with rectangular cross-section legs, 237x77cm, in timber. In addition astructural side storage unit in Noisette and Ardesia with a sliding door in a contrasting timber. The storage unit isequipped with drawers, file sorters and a CPU compartment.

Meeting tables are equipped with rectangular legs that can be set atan angle or central supports, 237x600cm, that provide cable access. Inaddition to the comprehensive wood options TITANO is offered in highquality leather, with distinctive stitching details.