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In its transforming nature, ZELIG adapts to the personality, the taste and the needs of those who work and live in their office, and it offers 3 alternative, minimal, sought after version with strong orientation toward design and with particular attention to detail and elegance of the finishes.

In the first version, 01.ZELIG presents itself as a meeting of panels which work together to create alternating spaces, playing with thicknesses, resting points and surfaces which seem to fluctuate.

In the second version, 02.ZELIG proposes a sharp profiled leg, positioned at a 45° angle to the work surface.

The 03.ZELIG version suggests an even more innovative alternative: two metal legs placed opposite one another which provide not only an interesting play with shapes, but also provide an important structural function, allowing the modesty panel to be hooked to it as well as the drawers, which remain completely suspended off the ground.